Milspouse(s) on a Mission: The Women of Alpha Lambda Psi & Visionary Tonya Rankins

img_1236-1Community, support and sisters linked not by blood, but by a cause. These are all things many military spouses envision, crave and even hope for, especially when they foray into their first year of military life. Some milspouses find those things. Others find themselves constantly battling to find their way in a system that was not made for them.

After years of struggling to find their own niche in an unpredictable world, one group of women decided to forge their own community in a very special way, by founding the first military spouse sorority – Alpha Lambda Psi Military Spouses Sorority, Inc.

Milspouse With Your Own Business? There’s Something You Need to Know about Online Sales Tax.

Military Spouse BusinessThis will be one of the more practical posts on the More Than a Mrs. Blog and the first in a series of posting about launching and successfully establishing your own business. In a ruling that is sure to be confusing for many milspouse entrepreneurs, especially those who operate primarily online, the Supreme Court recently weighed in on a pivotal online sales tax case, South Dakota v. Wayfair, effectively widening the reach of sales tax to e-commerce. This is crucial if you operate a business that conducts online transactions. Here’s why.

Milspouse on a Mission Submissions

Milspouse, we want YOU!

Ok, maybe we don’t want in the same way Uncle Sam does, but we do want to hear the voices of our fellow military spouses and, with our growing readership, we have the perfect platform from which you can roar.


UPDATED: LinkedIn Goes to Bat for Job-Searching Military Spouses; Expands Premium and LinkedIn Learning to Give Us Competitive Edge

Update: Have you been wondering how to sign up for LinkedIns new program for military spouses? Sign up for a free year of LinkedIn Premium every time you PCS via, and make the most of what LinkedIn Learning has to offer.

Original Story:

LinkedIn is on my good side (not that it’s ever been on my bad side, but for the sake of being dramatic, allow me to have my moment), having forcefully joined the battle against milspouse unemployment with today’s major announcement.

Two Licenses Down, 48 To Go: Barriers to Milspouse Employment

The very first post to was basically this poster 🙋🏽‍♀️ lamenting the difficulties of continuing my career as a military spouse.

And now, here I stand (or rather, STOOD, because it happened this morning) taking my second attorney’s oath. This time in the State of Nebraska.That sentence makes it sound like it was easy. It wasn’t.