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April is for Positive Affirmations: 3 Key Ways to Conquer Negative Thoughts

April is chock full of awesome things to celebrate. We talk about some of them – like the Month of the Military Child – in Episode 21 of Season 2 of our podcast – the DiscardIt Podcast. But we’ve also heard it said that April is Affirmations Month. Positive affirmations are are positive statements that, when repeated often […]

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Your Post-Pandemic Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Have you seen the new “Guide” feature on Instagram? I’m creating valuable guides over on our Instagram page. First up is you post-pandemic guide to Edinburgh, Scotland, featuring 11 must see places for your post coronavirus pandemic travel. Click here to read more:

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How to be Brave in 2021

*Opens door* Bye, 2020! Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, or whatever they say. *Ushers in 2021* Well hello, 2021! Can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? My first born child a lá Rumpelstiltskin? I kid. But seriously, please come in and have a seat. I’ve reserved this corner […]

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Milspouse(s) on a Mission: What the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic Has Taught Us about Remote Work

I’ve written before about the many career-related issues military spouses encounter. Hindrances to military spouse employment include everything from professional licensing barriers (I’ve discussed my own personal struggle with that particular issue here) to a lack of positions that align with our experience. As a result, spouses often end up either unemployed for long stretches […]

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