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Two Licenses Down, 48 To Go: Barriers to Milspouse Employment

Military spouses encounter so many barriers to employment and often have to leave their own careers behind (because: military life). But we shouldn’t be penalized, simply because of who we love.

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The Best Mobile Apps for the Military Spouse – UPDATED

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a good, updated list outlining the best mobile apps and Websites for military life. Many of those we have come across list apps that are no longer operational, or that are not truly functional/user friendly. We recently combed our own inventory of #AppsWeCantLiveWithout (may be exaggerating on the can’t […]

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Milspouses and Sacrifice: Careers

Ok, so I said this site wouldn’t just be for milspouses (military spouses) — and it isn’t. BUT, I was recently asked by my husband’s Commander to write a statement to be shared with the Governor of Nebraska regarding the sacrifices I’ve made thus far as a military spouse and why amendments to professional license […]

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