How to be Brave in 2021

*Opens door* Bye, 2020! Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, or whatever they say.

*Ushers in 2021* Well hello, 2021! Can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? My first born child a lá Rumpelstiltskin? I kid. But seriously, please come in and have a seat. I’ve reserved this corner for you and I need you to behave. Okurrrr?

If you’re anything like me – that is a survivor of quarantine life in this age of Covid-19, aka he who must not be named, aka coronavirus – you’re hoping that the new year brings with it a miracle. But you also know that a new year isn’t a magical “reset” button. Things weren’t automatically set to right just because it’s a new year according to the Gregorian calendar. After all, we brought with us the same baggage – ourselves, the same struggles, the same political climate, the same racial tensions, the same family squabbles. Making a change is never as easy as flipping a page. It requires something much more difficult – a change in mindset.

So, this post marks the beginning of an experiment. In lieu of resolutions, every month I’ll select a theme and dedicate that month’s posts to it, sharing journal prompts and, yes, pieces of me. If you know me, have been an avid follower of this blog, have listened to @thediscarditpodcast or been present during one of my speaking engagements, you know my ministry is about using the vulnerability in my own story to encourage others to walk with purpose, both in business and at home.

With that said, let’s talk about January.

Be Brave.

Have you ever dived headfirst from a proverbial cliff? You know what I mean – have you done something, even though fear was nipping at your heels? Even though you knew you might have to go it alone or that failure might lie on the other side? You can see the white crested waves crashing against the rocks below you, but you also spy the glint of some massive gold treasure beneath the water’s surface? And you know, you just KNOW that if you jump juuuussst right, you might find yourself the fortunate owner of a treasure no one else had the guts to go for? There may be some scrapes and bruises and even blood shed along the way – but if you can just grasp one piece of the treasure it’ll all be worth it and you’ll have the motivation to go on.

For me, that treasure is “purpose”. A purpose I know I’ve tentatively stepped into, but have not yet fully immersed myself in. What’s that treasure for you? Are you striding towards it or are you hunkered down on the sidelines trying to study it from every angle? Talking yourself out of something God has already decided is for you?

I challenge you to really think about these questions. If you’re truly dedicated to making this year better than the last, copy and paste it and use them as a journal prompt.

I’d love to hear and even share some of your stories, too. Share below in the comment section or tag your posts on Instagram using the hashtag #operationshowup – because, after all, we’re about to show up for our lives in a major way. This is only the beginning.

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