5 Reasons to Download the FindMe Mobile App

Guest Post by Patience Riley of WHOA MAMA

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Last week I had the pleasure of co-hosting the virtual launch party for the FindMe mobile app created by fellow military spouse, entrepreneur, and all-around boss chick Jennifer Brantley, Esq. of More than a Mrs. The FindMe mobile app was developed shortly after Mrs. Brantley PCS’d to England and was searching for “all the things” that make a person feel at home. As a milspouse myself, and person who also experienced a PCS less than 6 months ago I was beyond excited when I found out about the FindMe.

FindMe makes it easier for members of the military community to find local businesses in their new area… And get this! The businesses listed within the directory are recommended by other members of the military community. So, instead of posting a question in a Facebook group and waiting for recommendations you can pull out your phone, open the app, and find a listing right then and there. And if you find a spot you want to recommend you can add it to the directory in a matter of seconds.

It’s just that easy. As a person who has a business listed in the directory, along with being one of the apps beta testers I want to give you the…

Top 5 reasons why you should download the FindMe Mobile app today:

  1. For us by us: This app was designed specifically for you! I don’t know about you, but just knowing this app was created by a military spouse excites me. It lets me know she truly understands “the struggle” of constantly moving to a new area and having to start all over from scratch. 
  2. User friendly: If you’re not tech savvy no worries, neither am I. This app is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. There are different categories such as the directory (highlighted with a star), about us, share with a friend, guided videos, how it works, and many more. While using the app if you start having difficulties, I suggest watching one of the guided videos or selecting the “contact us” tab and sending a message for help.
  3. Helps you find “all the things”:  In search of a hair stylist, place to eat, church to attend, or community group? If you recently moved my guess is yes, yes, and yes. Well, FindMe’s directory has a wide variety of local businesses in your area recommended by other members of the military community to help you find all the things and make you feel at home.   
  4. Saves time & money: How many times have you gone to an establishment and wasted your time and money? By using a business directory created by your peers you can save these vary precious things. Your time and money. Now that’s a win, win for me. 
  5. Encourages community & connection: Last but not least, are two of my favorite features from the app. The “Get Social” & “Ask the Tribe” tabs. FindMe allows you to create a profile in order to connect with other app users and ask the community questions. We are often the “new kid on the block” and find ourselves searching for others to connect with in our area. These two features connect you to other military members and spouses allowing you to connect with others in your area and expand your tribe. 

So, if you’re looking to make your life a tad bit easier after a move, want to contribute to the military community by listing a business, or want to support military owned business this is the app for you. Moving is stressful enough. It’s time you made your life a little easier. If you haven’t downloaded the FindMe app I suggest you do it today. 

FindMe Mobile is available for download now at the following links:

Apple App Store

Google Play


Patience Riley is a military spouse, momblogger, therapist, and personal wellness coach. She is the woman behind the WHOA MAMA Blog which was created to normalize the good, bad, and ugly surrounding motherhood by providing mental wellness tips and encouragement to mamas. Patience’s business Prepared to Prosper, LLC is listed in the FindMe directory, where she provides virtual Coaching to new mothers in the USA & International countries, and provides telehealth counseling to NE and FL residents. For more information about Patience please check out her blog WHOA MAMA at www.whoamamas.com or view her listing in the FindMe app.

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