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Happy Resurrection Sunday! First fashion post here. If you know me well, you know I love fashion. Practical fashion, that is. I love to mix and match thrifted pieces with discount finds to create an ensemble that *looks* luxe. Trust me, I spend very little money.

Oddly enough, despite my fashion obsession, I spend very little time actually putting what I wear together. I know every item in my closet and can put an outfit together in my head as soon as you tell me an event is coming up. In fact, having a mental catalogue of your closet and a few go-to staple pieces are the keys to success. When I do need something new, I also love Amazon and TJMaxx. They’re my buddies. (With that said, our upcoming move to England will definitely be a lot of fun, for various reasons, including the fashion opportunities.)

Anyway, for members of the Christian church,today is Resurrection Sunday – also known to many as Easter. A friend of my husband’s (and subsequently a friend of mine) is here in Nebraska visiting us before we head overseas. This particular friend actually officiated our wedding ceremony – both times (our private ceremony before my husband left for his first duty station and our ceremony before friends and family).

We started the day at the base chapel Protestant service,followed by a play at our adopted home church and rounded out with brunch. I wanted to be comfy, and cute, and “Easter” appropriate.

I think I succeeded. What say ye? What’s your favorite staple piece?

Dress $34.99 and cardigan $18 clearance: TJMaxx, Shoes $35 (used coupons): DSW, Shades: Anne Klein (old), Lipstick $5: Colourpop

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