Free Military Care Package Printables to Send To Your Loved One  

Military Care Package Printables to Send To Your Loved One

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There’s no way to sugar-coat it — distance is hard. Distance puts stress on any kind of relationship because it complicates communication, physical touch, and quality time. Adding in a deployment only further complicates things but luckily, there are many ways to feel closer to your spouse or partner without actually being with them. Phone calls, emails and mail are great ways to reconnect with your loved one and show your love. Care packages full of goodies from home mean comfort and encouragement.

For your next care package, use these FREE military-themed printables to decorate your box and write a love note to your significant other.

You can use the printable tags to stick on food items or use the blank templates to write in your own messages. These printables from even come with a patterned design you can print out and use to cover the flaps and inside of the box to make it extra festive.

If you’re looking for decorations that are a little more sentimental for your spouse, print out these love-themed decorations. Perfect for an anniversary or just because, these care package printables know just how to say “I love you.”

Send a care package just because to remind your soldier or veteran how much they mean to you. For ideas on what to put inside your care package, check out some of these ideas:

● Printed photos

● Fruit snacks

● Calendar with family birthdays printed

● Flash drive of home videos

● Sports drinks (preferably powdered mixes)

● Board games

● Chips and salty snacks

● Candy (that won’t melt)

● Cookies

● Condiments like honey or hot sauce

● Energy and granola bars

● Jerky snacks

● Stationery and stamps

● Playing cards

● Kids crafts from school

● Personal care items like baby wipes, deodorant and toothpaste

Be sure to check for any restrictions when sending your soldier a package and when in doubt, ask the post office any questions you may have about sending your box.

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