This is for – England?!

As a non-mil life friend so eloquently put it recently, now I’ll REALLY have something to blog about. That’s right – More Than a Mrs. is taking its talents to the United Kingdom (prayerfully for at least the next two years)! More specifically, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 we’re headed to England for our first overseas PCS.

While I’ve visited various parts of the U.K. over the years, living there will certainly be a novel (and very welcome) experience. I also expect it will present quite the change from Nebraska. Can you shout “Yes!” for change? Because I sure can. Particularly because this past winter has been absolutely horrid compared to last year’s inaugural winter and I can’t wait to leave the harsh climate behind (and neither can my skin).

When my husband first told me, it was via text and I was sitting in my office at work. Initially, I thought he was pulling my leg. When I realized he was serious, I sat at my desk for an hour or so, in a stunned, completely unproductive silence.

Since then, our days have been filled with a flurry of prep-activities (international licenses, check) and decision-making and, quite frankly, it’s been a tad overwhelming (what PCS isn’t – amirite?). However, it has been the BEST kind of overwhelming. I’ve YouTubed and read fellow Milspouse blogs to my heart’s content, hoping to glean some wisdom from the pieces of information I parceled together.

But, honestly, there has also been a downside to this experience. One, we know the way of the military and that things can change. And how, similar to when I first left Georgia for Nebraska, and the genuineness of the situation finally hit my friends and co-workers, I was astounded by some of the responses I received.

Upon leaving Georgia, so many people were happy for me, but one friend/co-worker (a paralegal and receptionist at the law firm I was senior attorney at, and had grown close to) in particular broke my heart. She’d been one of a few people to brave a “snow storm” to attend my bridal shower, then went completely off the reservation when I gave my official notice. Eventually, I was able to chalk her actions up to a combination of shock among other things. I’m feeling something similar now, which is hard when your community is small.

However, one monkey doesn’t stop the show, nor does it dampen our spirits! I’m incredibly grateful to God for the opportunity that has been placed before us, and am trusting in Him to provide us with all things! What an apt application of my all-time favorite Bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11. Looking forward to prospering and continuing the ministry overseas!

Any tips you can share for an overseas PCS?

Any tips for living in England or about Mildenhall AFB?

Hit me with your best shot (resources)!

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6 thoughts on “This is for – England?!

  1. I’m so glad we were introduced at the Offy’s! You have great energy, and no doubt there are many spouses in the UK who will be lifted up by your being there. Looking forward to a proper tea this summer to learn more from you!

  2. Milspouse here but I’m actually a Brit and met my USAF bloke since he’s been based here! My biggest tip for new families living in England is: travel travel travel! In the past few years we’ve been hitting up a new European country every few months (my hubby wanted to see as much as possible) and using Ryanair and Easyjet we’ve never paid more than £40 for a return flight. We flew to Lviv, Ukraine two months ago and our flight per person was £12.99 (that’s a full return there and back)! (and accommodation was about £20 – Ukraine is cheap).

    Also England has some great dog friendly places (I don’t know if you’ve discovered this yet or not). Bury St Edmunds in particular has many dog friendly shops, cafes and restaurants so you don’t have to leave the little doglet at home. Our favourite cafes to take Toby to are Guats Up, Gastron-me (which btw is THE BEST restaurant in the whole area in my opinion!) and Edmundos. There is also an abundance of high quality dog walkers and dog kennels/boarders in England (I’ve already been warned the quality in the US is not great). In Bury there is the Canine Creche – it is expensive but it’s the best doggy daycare place around. We used to take Toby there just once a week as it knackered him out and he had a great time socialising and training and playing. Our favourite boarders to use was Haydn’s Dog Training & Boarders in Pakenham, near Bury. This girl is great too – she’ll come to your home for pet sitting if your dog doesn’t like going to other places –

    Make the most of pub gardens in summer. Dammmn I am going to miss my pubs when we move Stateside!

    Also I highly recommend spending as much time in Scotland as you can because it’s the most beautiful country.

    Hope this helps if it’s things you didn’t know already!

    1. What wonderful tips! Thank you so much for reading and for sharing this information. Our pup will definitely enjoy accompanying us (- and we love Bury)! We can’t wait to travel and explore all England has to offer – especially at those prices!

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