Milspouse on a Mission: From Introvert to Indisputable Boss


From introvert to networking queen! Learn how one Milspouse mama, Tameka McGee, made the transition to independence.

Article by Tameka McGee, More Than a Mrs. Contributor

You could easily say that being a military spouse is a job in itself. Not only do we support our spouses but we also take on the challenge of supporting other military spouses and their spouses, in our community, as well.

It can be tough, I love it-but I knew I was more than that!

Hi, I’m Tameka McGee. I’ve been a military spouse for 11.5 yrs and 2 yrs ago I decided to start my own business and become more than just a Mrs.

Being a wife and mother wasn’t something that I envisioned for myself when I was mapping out what and who I wanted to be. I saw myself as a “Boss” living in a no children allowed penthouse. So when I stepped into those roles I wasn’t sure if I would be any good. Turns out, God knew more about what my heart wanted than I did.

Two boys later, lots of marital growth and a PCS overseas I was still completely in love with my life but something was missing. I didn’t want to say it out loud, because I knew what it would sound like to others, but being a wife and mom just wasn’t enough. I loved being those things, but I still wanted to be a “Boss”. A big part of who I am is serving others and being a stay-at- home mom made me feel like I was giving that up.

During the last year of our tour in England, I found a way to get back into the community by serving on my son’s elementary school’s PTO board as the President. The board was other mom’s just like me. We shared our struggles and our strengths and it was one of those moms who introduced me to Young Living.

I’d heard of essential oils before and even did some research because we’d recently started living a more natural, cleaner lifestyle but it never went past the research.

Soon though, I jumped on the oil train, looking for some sleep support. Cause you know babies don’t exactly like you to get real sleep. I never intended for them to change my life in the way they did.

Not only did Young Living give me and my family the tools to take control of our health and wellness, they also gave me the opportunity to get back to me-to the things I loved. I’m now able to help and serve others the way I want to and I’m able to work the way I want to, without feeling guilty because of the needs and sacrifices that come with being military spouse.

Network Marketing wasn’t something I’d ever considered before. I’m an introvert so I thought there’s no way this could be successful for me but I was wrong. I get to meet new people on a daily basis and connect with them in away that I didn’t think possible.

I know that network marketing gets a bad rap, but I think it’s because it’s misunderstood. For military spouses it allows us to support our husbands, add to our financial stability, raise our babies and become the “Boss” we always wanted to be our way.

It isn’t easy, but nothing worth having is.

Growing my own business from home never crossed my mind and I think it’s definitely something you should consider, if normal doesn’t work for you. When it gets hard “Rest, Don’t Quit”! That is an option you have when you are the “Boss”.

I’d love to chat with you. You can find me on Instagram at @tamekajmcgee or at


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