Missing You Before You’re Gone: Preparing for Deployment (Guest Post)

No matter how you try, or how many times you endure it, you can never truly prepare for a deployment. And indeed military spouses have to prepare. While your service member prepares to leave, you have to prepare for his/her absence – for getting kids ready alone, coming home to an empty house, managing the household and for serving as your spouse’s constant (albeit distant) support system. As one military spouse packs away Christmas decorations, she can’t help but think how different things will be next year – when her service member is deployed. 

Read on for the thoughts she so kindly shared with More than a Mrs. You just may identify with her.


Missing You Before You’re Gone

Today we packed our Christmas Tree up.
A moment that most aren’t holding back tears.
Please, let’s just be more organized about this.
F*ck it.
I probably won’t even put it up next year.

This goes here and that goes there.
Should we label these totes too?
Let’s leave the tree up for another week.
8 months out.
And I’m already mourning you.

Can we just have Christmas early this year?
You know, so I can avoid this entire thing.
The kids won’t even know the difference.
We can totally fake it
It can’t be hard to make sleigh bells ring.

What’s holiday tradition without you?
I know, I’m already being too pessimistic.
I can’t seem to even imagine it.
I don’t want it.
Not even if we just made it simplistic.

Today we packed our Christmas Tree up.
and you won’t see it back up this December.
I hold back the tears.
Wrap the last ornament up in the tissue I’d rather use.
I’ll miss you next sweater weather.

  • By Mystic Milspouse*

Moving through the emotions. Sometimes writing is all that helps. I didn’t think packing up our Christmas tree was going to be a thing until it was. It’s so hard getting ready for deployment.

*An alias was used by this military spouse to comply with OPSEC.

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2 thoughts on “Missing You Before You’re Gone: Preparing for Deployment (Guest Post)

  1. Yup. Right there with you. Already decided we’re—at the very least—getting a much smaller tree for next year so i don’t have to haul the giant thing out alone.

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