Domestic Abuse and the Military

[Trigger warning: post is related to domestic violence, but as a chaplain’s wife, I must share. Someone might benefit from sharing their story or from reading the stories shared. You are strong. You are enough. You can walk away. 💕]

A freelance journalist (and military wife), Amanda Kippert, would like to talk to current or past military spouses who experienced domestic abuse (while the servicemember abuser was active duty) and who reported it to the military (the commander, MPs, FAP, etc.). She’d like to hear about whether or not military personnel were helpful in their response. If you’re that person or know someone who is and are willing to share your story with me for an investigative piece in a national pub (staying anonymous is OK), please email her at

(If you’re still with the abuser, please keep staying safe in mind and email Ms. Kippert from a device that the abuser does not have access to, such as a work or library computer on a secure/private/made up/friend’s email address.)

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