What a Year July Has Been (Yes, You Read that Correctly)!

Hello, hello, hello! What a year month July has been – and it isn’t even over yet!

I don’t say this in a negative way at all, but it does feel almost as though my husband and I have fit an entire year’s worth of events/milestones in one month. I’ll touch on some of those things in future posts (like, the fact that it’s technicallllly our anniversary today), but for now I’ll briefly touch on the need for continued growth and personal development for military spouses and my travels last week.Last week, I was saying helllloooo, from beautiful Denver, Colorado (seriously wish we’d been stationed at Buckley AFB if we had to be stationed in the Midwest).

I’m a firm believer in not only continued professional development, but continued PERSONAL development. Many military spouses, and spouses period, fear that they will lose themselves in their marriage or that they must give up on their dreams, when that isn’t necessarily the case. Knowing/discovering who you are and building upon that while you simultaneously raise children, or move every 2-3 years, or have to quit a job and/or leave friends behind, sounds daunting. But it is possible and it requires relinquishing yourself to intentional moments.

This month, my intentional quest for personal growth as a milspouse and chaplain’s wife led me on a solo trip to Denver, Colorado for the Woman Evolve Conference.

Woman Evolve is a Christian-based conference, founded by young powerhouse and first lady Sarah Jakes Roberts of the T.D. Jakes clan. The conference was in its inaugural year, but you never would have known it. The two-day event encompassed so many different topics – from marriage, to finding confidence, to dressing for success, to learning to be present in every moment – and encouraged the more than 2,000 women present to connect with God and each other. It was definitely a powerful experience.

Btw: The trip also afforded me the chance to meet and be hosted by a couple (fellow chaplain family stationed at Buckley) my husband holds very near and dear to his heart, as well as their two children. By trip’s end, I can honestly say they meant just as much to me. The visit reiterated for me just how important it is to form bonds as we make our way through military life.

That’s all for the writing. Here are some photos and video from my quick, yet life-changing, visit to Denver!

The airline “late” shamed me:

Conference session on marriage and having your spouses back:


Me 🙂

On being a “wild woman” and going for your dreams in the wilderness (and doesn’t military life seem like a wilderness sometimes??), even when they seem impossible:


The chapel at Buckley AFB. How beautiful is this?!? You should see the inside.

They legit were out of kangaroo due only to current import bans. 

Really, I travel for the food.

This $79.99 Pacsafe anti-theft crossbody bag has already ccompanied me on multiple trips, bot international and domestic. It is THE most secure travel pack I’ve found. The straps can’t be cut, it has multiple security measures, including the fact that it has RFID blocking tech. Check Amazon for this one and similar items:I’m so glad I went out on a limb and made this trip “alone”. Two years ago I was in Europe. A months before Europe, I was in Costa Rica (I was on a roll in 2016 lol), yet I can say this domestic trip was just as special – in its own way.

And yes, I know solo travel may not be in the cards for you right now, for various reasons, but that doesn’t mean you’re barred from being intentional about your growth. Growth can look like a new hobby (or two or three until you find the right one) or a home business or research on something you might be interested in. It can also come through volunteering, it can come through a book or an online course, it can come through intentional moments of solitude, or through moments with your children. You can focus your growth on one specific area of your life/person, or make it all-encompassing. Actually, your pursuit of growth can come in whatever fashion you choose, so long as you take the first step.

As you sacrifice and care for others day-in and day out, consider this: How have you contributed to your own personal growth? Be intentional today.

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