Milspouse on a Mission: A Veteran and a Gentleman

Veteran business, milspouse business, military spouse, navy veteran Sometimes, we jump. Other times, we’re pushed. Either way, it’s up to us to release the parachute, if we hope to survive.

Interestingly enough, learning when to release a parachute is one lesson Navy veteran James Luter is well-versed in.


Luter is a milspouse (yes, milspouses can be veterans too) and father of  two boys, with a penchant for helping others. The former government employee (of ten plus years) and certified Mississippi firefighter now offers one-on-one coaching and leadership, team building, and customer service training opportunities through his consulting company, Devoted Life Coaching, LLC.

Using faith-based principles, Luter teaches others across the country to reach higher levels of success in their own personal life, career, business, or ministry. He says of his calling, “Being a military spouse is a tremendous honor that has afforded me so many great opportunities. Although I have been blessed, my life purpose goes beyond the title of being a dependent.

Truer words were never spoken. Luter is proof that sometimes finding our life’s purpose be birthed of a combination of necessity and desire.  His purpose gained its wings in 2016, after a prior back injury became a chronic condition and a planned job transfer was put on hold due to a government hiring freeze. “It was in that moment that I knew I had to leap,” he shared. “My circumstances gave me the courage to launch.” Luther subsequently tapped into his years of accumulated education, life experiences and personal devotion to ongoing personal development. Ultimately, he says, these things helped him establish the roots of his business.

He’s been flying ever since.

Luter strongly suggests that military spouses seeking similar results take advantage of the numerous resources afforded to them and remember that “better is possible”. The G.I. Bill funded his education, he attended classes through the Family Readiness Centers, utilized base libraries to conduct research, and embraced every other tool available to build his business and brand.

“As a military spouse, we are some of the most resilient people in the world. Initially, it may not be easy to chase your dreams but over time you begin to soar like the eagles. Conquer your fears, believe in yourself, and live the life you deserve!”

Because Luter uses online platforms to offer his services, his business can travel with him each time his family must PCS, although, truth be told, they won’t be doing so for much longer. His wife, Latonya, who he wed in 1999, will be retiring soon. “It amazes me just how fast the time goes,” he said. “I always told my wife that I do not want us to leave with any regrets. She has reached her military goal and God has blessed me to reach mine. Without being a military spouse, I do not believe I would have made it this far in life. I encourage all spouses to take full advantage of the opportunity. ”

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  1. James is such an amazing and inspiring person. Thank you for sharing his journey and services. He’s truly #morethanamilspouse

    1. Thanks, Wendi! That has to be the best part – featuring spouses (who are #morethanamilspouse) like James!

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