I Appreciate You, Milspouse.

military Spouse Appreciation day 2018Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all of the beautiful milspouses out there! I’m so grateful for my fellow homefront heroes.

Although I’m an attorney, I’m currently working as a public information officer for a state agency (I’m basically a specialized public relations consultant) and work specifically on behalf of children and families this agency serves. It’s fulfilling work. As part of my job, I plan marketing and educational campaigns centric to the various family-focused and nationally recognized “days” benefiting this population. Imagine my delight to find that there’s also a day dedicated to the military spouse!

Friday, May 11, is Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and the perfect opportunity for you to engage in that self-care we discussed a few weeks ago. (Check out the link for some quick tips and tips for channeling your own inner peace.)

Also known as Military Spouse Day, the well-earned day of recognition typically falls on the Friday before Mother’s Day, and was first recognized by President Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Of course, *cough, cough* a special day isn’t needed to recognize all the contributions the military spouse in your life makes, to your home or to the community – but it’s nice to have a reminder.

The Day is actually part of the larger Military Appreciation Month, for which there are numerous discounts to take advantage of. Military.com has rounded up some of the best offers to help you (or the milspouse in your life) get the most out of Military Appreciation

Here at More than a Mrs. we’re offering a discount of $3 off More Than a Mrs. military spouse clothing, starting this week. Just checkout at our store for the unconventional military spouse with promo code IAMMORE. Different color options are available. And yes, enjoy your Day – today and every day.

Military Spouse clothing

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