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Milspouse on a Mission: Carmen N. Terrell-Falls, The Posh Military Mom

Carmen N. Terrell-Falls’ is definitely “More than a Mrs.” Her husband may be the one who has to be mission-ready, but she’s a 7-year, 8 month military spouse on a mission of her own. In addition to her daytime job, Terrell-Falls works to connect couples and individuals to luxury travel services at affordable prices, through her business, Carmen at Looking Glass Travel.

Known now as the “Posh Military Mom”, the self-described wife, mother, federal employee & business owner also happens to be a proud #ArmyWife. “My husband’s job is a great calling. He wears a uniform that brings my family great pride, but I am no different than any other woman who sacrifices and supports her family, except [like most military spouses] I move more often than most,” Terrell-Falls said. It was the transient nature of military life that inspired her to pursue a business that would travel with her. “The Posh Military Mom is all the things I am and, on some days, represents all the things I aspire to be,” she shared.

Backstory: Prior to marrying her husband, Terrell-Falls was single and living it up. After the wedding, she became a stepmother overnight. Like many military spouses, she was committed to the new lifestyle her partner’s employment required, but her struggle to find her own niche, maintain her identity and stay connected to her passion led her back to what she knew best…

vacationing. And so, Carmen at Looking Glass Travel was born – as was her new persona, Posh Military Mom.

“I started my business out a love for travel,” she said. “I like going new places and experiencing new things. Planning vacations on a budget for my family became my thing. It gave me comfort and purpose until I found my footing. Now, I am most happy when I am planning vacations, whether it be for myself or a client.”

As a working military spouse, Terrell-Falls also recognizes the advantage of having a dual-income household. She’s of the opinion that milspouses benefit when they seek to enhance themselves both personally & professionally. “As a community we need viable education/trades that can contribute to our households and community. Soldiers are not rich and many military families live pay check to pay check. When a spouse is unemployed or underemployed it hurts the family. When spouses also have an income, life is easier, families are happier and soldiers are mission-ready without being concerned about finances.”

To those interested in becoming a travel agent, Terrell-Falls shares that the life is not necessarily a lucrative one. “Anyone interested in selling a travel experience has to love the industry. My advice is to find something you love to do and find a way to monetize it. As Confucius said, ‘choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.'”

Check Terrell-Falls out at The Posh Military Mom, where #LivingPoshly is a way of life – not just a hashtag.

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