Cue the Barbecue

Received some devastating news yesterday and haven’t been up to cooking. Sometimes it’s so hard being far from the ones you love. Anyway, we had a little nice weather in the Midwest today (after spring insisted on playing peekaboo with snow) and my husband elected to grill after church, wind and all. #ImNotComplaining #ChaplainsGrillToo

Now, of course I season the meat but he’s awesome at grilling (plus, I abhor smoke *insert shrugging emoji here*):

For nearly all of my grilled meats, I adore Dale’s seasoning. That’s the stuff in the forefront here:I mix it with a few strategic dashes of Worcestershire sauce for my marinade. Clearly, I don’t think marinade has to be super complicated, and my husband always enjoys the results. I use it on burgers and chicken alike, but I do put a dry rub on the steak first. My rub is almost as simple as my marinade – Tony Chachere’s Original creole seasoning, Lawry’s garlic salt, Sazón and sometimes a little African Berbere.I’m the kind of cook who operates primarily by smell and taste, so unfortunately I can’t tell you how much of each I used. If I had to guess, I used equal parts of everything except for the berbere blend and sazón, because they can be overwhelming. I’m also easy on the garlic salt (I’m light added on most of the seasonings now that I think about it) because Dale’s is salty enough on its own.

What’s your favorite way to season meat for the grill?

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