The Best Mobile Apps for the Military Spouse – UPDATED

Mobile apps for the military spouse

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a good, updated list outlining the best mobile apps and Websites for military life. Many of those we have come across list apps that are no longer operational, or that are not truly functional/user friendly. We recently combed our own inventory of #AppsWeCantLiveWithout (may be exaggerating on the can’t live without part, but these apps are pretty cool) and decided to share. The mobile apps run the gamut from ways to make money as a military wife or military husband, to travel apps, to apps that are geared towards fun during the down times.

That’ll do for an introduction. Let’s get to the good stuff – links included. (Drum roll, please!)

Base Directory. No matter where you’re stationed, Base Directory makes it easy to connect to the base resources you’ll need to thrive. It includes phone numbers, addresses and Web page links for every base office you may need during your stay.

  1. My MC2. I’ve had issues with this one loading recently, but love it. Simply select your base, and you’ll be privy to all upcoming events – in one, convenient place. I’ve found out about Heartlink sessions, horse riding, bowling and even log rolling events (not up my alley) this way! Update: This one may no longer be available. Let us know if you have any luck.
  2. Home Chef. This is not an ad, and I’m no Kanye, but Home Chef is my favorite meal box service of all time. They have reasonable prices, a great menu selection, fresh meat and produce and you can usually Google the latest promo code! Their customer service is rocks too.
  3. Shoeboxed. Taxes can be complicated. Add a marriage, and then add the military and next year will find you pulling your out your gaur in frustration. Shoeboxed is one of many apps that will help track mileage and receipts, so you don’t have to scramble for those items at tax time.
  4. Scanner. Love, Love scanner. Simply take a photo of what you need to send, and the Scanner app converts it to a PDF that you can then text or email to yourself or others. The app allows a limited number of free scans before a reasonably priced fee is required.
  5. Groupmeor WhatsApp. This is a twofer. The many moves military life requires often means some of your best friends get left behind. Yes, there’s texting and group texting, but neither has quite the same real-time chatting and sharing effect as Groupme and WhatsApp. With Groupme, you can even create sub-groups, schedule events and send money! I’ve been able to keep in touch with so many of my friends and family this way
  6. WTF – What the Forecast Weather. WTF is up with the weather at your spouse’s newest station? This app, which intersperses real-time weather forecasts with crude humor, is good for both an accurate weather forecast and a good laugh! You can adjust the language settings.
  7. Swagbucks. This one is an easy money maker. Note: I prefer the Website to the mobile app. I signed up for it in college, wasn’t really dedicated and still managed to snag a couple of gift cards and PayPal deposits. Years later, I’ve managed to turn a few hundred dollars in a matter of months, simply by taking surveys, shopping as I normally would, watching videos and conducting Internet searches! Ebates is another great one you’re probably familiar with.
  8. Glympse. Keep track of your travels with this handy mobile app. It’s a great tool for the military spouse, especially when you’ve just moved to a new station and have no clue where anything is. Set your destination and send it to your spouse, friends and family and watch them, watch you on a map in real time as you safely make your make to your destination.
  9. Praying Wives. This delightful mobile app features a new prayer every day and a board where you can anonymously post your own prayer request, and promise to pray for others.
  10. Tired of people questioning where you’re from when you call (cue “What area code is that?!?)? Google Voice is a good way to quickly obtain a local number and field unsolicited phone calls.
  11. Commissary Rewards. I talk about the military commissary and accompanying app here. I think they could stand to add more coupons, but commissary prices tend to be pretty low anyway.
  12. Fiverr. FiverrOne word – LOVE. Have a special skill you’re ready to market to the public? Post it here and start raking in the cash. While prices for sellers on Fiverr were once limited to $5, you can now price your goods and services at price points you deem appropriate and get payment through PayPal. Also a great place to find things you’re interested in like logos (I had logos for both of my businesses made by a seller on the site) and other goods and services.
  13. BookBub. This is another one where I prefer the Website to the mobile app. If you are as passionate about reading as I am, you’ll love BookBub. The free service connects you to free and heavily discounted e-books every day. These are quality books by well-known authors, and includes newer titles. Simply sign-up, set your preferences, and wait for your specially curated book selections to hit the app or your email inbox. Downloading the ones you like to your free Kindle app is a breeze. I have hundreds of ebooks in the queue to be read (eventually) as we speak…I mean read.

That’s our list! What apps do you use that are essential to military life? We’d love to hear from you.

Update – June 2018: We just discovered MilEmoji by Moni Jefferson. It features a diverse set of more than 100 military emojis and stickers , ranging from military pride, to acronyms to perfect descriptors of PCS season. Available in the Apple store! Here’s a sneak peek:

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