Do You Dare? Engaging in Self-care in the middle of a PCS move

Military spouse self-care

In recent years, the concept of self-care has gained traction. It’s held out as the cure-all for the harried military spouse, consummate professional, and the overworked student. But do we know what self-care really looks like? Especially when life demands our attention sayyyy, in the form of a permanent change of station (PCS) move?

Self-help books list trite things like spa days, moments of intentional solitude, a cup of coffee and a book – and the list goes on. But (this post is full of “buts”) how do you find time for that kind of self-care when life constantly clamors for your attention?

For me, self-care is stolen moments. It’s extra sleep on a Saturday morning, time spent watching Sanford and Son or the Cosby show with my husband before we go to bed, a longer than usual shower, taking time to eat my favorite meal before hurrying on to the next task, listening to my favorite podcast on my hour-long commute to work, or even taking time to work on a personal project.

The truth is, self-care looks different for everyone. It doesn’t necessarily equate to down time. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend money, or be completely alone. But it does require that you be intentional about taking needed time. You also need to examine your motivation for doing something, and the way you execute the task – making sure you’re not engaging in faux self-care (an action or activity that doesn’t really serve to refresh YOU).

Do something YOU want to do, because YOU want to do it, and for no other reason than that! Give yourself permission to be a little selfish (especially when you are in the middle of a stressful PCS move).

Not sure where to start? It never hurts to get suggestions from other people.

How do you engage in self-care?

Check out this post on 5 steps to creating your own meditation space for more ideas.

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