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This weekend, my husband and I attended a three-day, faith-based marriage conference in Omaha, NE. What an inspiring weekend! The second session was a breakout session, putting husbands and wives in separate ballrooms. It was this session that touched on something I have struggled with a bit as a fairly new wife – the idea of submission and the need to relinquish control.

Since I was an *ahem* pretty independent woman prior to my marriage, my need to be in control has occasionally reared its head. (Ha! Just a note: being in control is impossible in the military). But I realized, as the speaker touched on the material, that my true fear was a fear of losing my identity in submitting to my husband. I learned that losing my identity and submitting to my husband do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. What a relief!

This conference may be coming to a city near you. If it is, check it out – Family Life’s Weekend to Remember. ACTIVE DUTY Military couples receive a 50 % discount and pastors and military chaplains are sponsored for free. They offer special military breakout sessions and materials, as well as opportunities to get involved. You have to call to get this discount though – 1-800-FL-Today (800-358-6329) to register.

Also, make sure to check out some of the resources available on their site. Here’s a photo of a few books we plan to delve into! Good stuff!

Anywho, I’m sharing this experience to let you know “Great marriages don’t just happen!” They take work. This conference was FULL of hundreds of couples looking to strengthen/maintain/be proactive about their relationships. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing a strong foundation with your life partner! This was a great opportunity. Experience it (or similar events) for yourself.

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